Where to find us

Food Truck Friday takes place in Tower Grove Park from May to October.

The trucks line up along Southwest Drive between Kingshighway Boulevard and Center Cross Drive. Southwest Drive is closed to personal vehicle traffic during the event. Please note that drivers CANNOT ENTER at Kingshighway Boulevard. Please enter the park on Magnolia Avenue or Arsenal Street. Directional signs in the park will show the way.

Accessible restrooms are located in the middle of the festivities on Southwest Drive and portable restrooms are located on either end of the lineup. Reserved handicap-accessible parking is located on West Drive. Please see the map below for reference.

The Sauce Magazine tent is just east of the restroom building, and Sauce staffers are ready to answer any questions, hand out maps and distribute copies of this month’s Sauce. You can also purchase Speed Passes at the Sauce tent.

Most trucks take credit and/or debit cards, but an ATM is available next to the Sauce tent.

St. Louis Earth Day and Blue Skies Recycling tents are located on either side of the restroom building and will help divide your trash and recyclables.

October 2019 Line-up

See below for a list of participating trucks and a map of the line-up in Tower Grove Park so you can plan your attack.

1. Pi on the Spot
2. K-Bop
3. Farmtruk
4. Frankly Sausages
5. Mission Taco Truck
6. Scoops & More
7. 4 Hands
8. Truck Norris
9. Crooked Boot
10. Narwhal’s Crafted
11. Angie Burger
12. Kaleidoscope Coffee
13. CinnaCrush
14. Clementine’s
15. Urban Chestnut
16. Mann Meats
17. Brazil Express
18. Steak Louie
19. Kamikaze Poke
20. Essentially Fries
21. Lulu Dim Sum
22. Seoul Taco
23. Rudy’s Flower Truck

Thank you to our sponsors

Non-Solicitation Policy

Sauce Food Truck Friday is a private event held in a public park. Within the boundaries of the event within Tower Grove Park, any solicitation must be approved by Sauce Magazine. This includes canvassing, soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization or business, requesting contributions, and posting or distributing handbills, pamphlets, petitions, and the like of any kind. For more information, please contact Allyson Mace at amace@saucemagazine.com.