May 3, 2018

Frankly Sausages: Vendor Spotlight

Describe your truck/menu in three adjectives.
Aggressive, Curious, Thoughtful

If you were stranded on an island and could only eat one of your menu items, what would it be?
FRIES! I never get sick of them.

Do you have any new menu items this year?
We’re switching up a couple of the sausages. One I’m excited about right now will be the wild boar sausage with apricot mustard and picked Brussels sprout leaves. As always, we’ll have St. Louis’s favorite fries (well I really like them).

What do you love about the STL food truck scene?
How diverse it is. Out of all of the good trucks, no two are the same. You get to see a lot of people doing their thing and it gets me excited as a chef.

What music is on your prep playlist?
We listen to everything from Chris Stapleton to Jay-Z. Nothing is out of line when it come to music… okay, a few things are.

What’s the biggest challenge of running a food truck?
The biggest challenge of running a food truck is… running the food truck.

What is your favorite menu item to make?
My favorite menu item to make is the Chile Verde sausage. It’s like nothing I’ve seen when it comes to sausages. It’s always funny when people are hesitant to order it because it sounds a little different, but when they get that first bite they get it. It’s the one that people always come back for.

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