May 3, 2018

Angie Burger: Vendor Spotlight

Mushroom Swiss burger, Angie Burger, loaded tots

Describe your truck/menu in three adjectives.
Burgery, bacony, velociraptory

If you were stranded on an island and could only eat one of your menu items, what would it be?
The Angie Burger because Budweiser is one of the ingredients so I’d drink the Budweiser.

What is your favorite thing about Food Truck Friday?
It’s the biggest, most popular food truck event in town. There are a huge variety of trucks and lots of people coming to support local businesses. I also like looking at the variety of dogs that go by!

Do you have any new menu items this year?
Fries lol. I really went outside the box this year. The lunch menu is bigger than the FTF menu, but for speed purposes we need to limit it. Not sure if we’ll do both fries and tots at FTF – I might change it up for each event.

What do you love about the STL food truck scene?
That it’s growing! There are lots of quality foods available via trucks and it’s expanding the options beyond just brick and mortar restaurants. I’m hoping that the new mayor will allow even more food truck vending areas in the city.

What’s the biggest challenge of running a food truck?
Limited space on the truck, unpredictable weather has a huge impact (I don’t have heat so winter was brutal. Summer is also brutal), and event fees can hurt. It’s a metal situation, but our crew is hardcore.

What is your favorite menu item to make?
Probably the breakfast burger cuz I like cooking eggs on the flat top and eggs are epic on burgs. Also all the burgs that have bacon cuz bacon is the candy of meat.

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