Sauce Food Truck Friday

Rocking in Tower Grove Park since 2011

What's Food Truck Friday all about?

Food trucks have been a lively trend on the coasts for years. The St. Louis dining scene saw the emergence of these mobile eateries in 2011, and they are clearly here to stay.

Today, an ever-growing fleet of trucks take to the streets, tweeting their locations to hungry diners who line up for a meal on the run. St. Louisans can now get just about anything they want from these mobile culinary mavens from pizza to tacos, cupcakes to crepes, sushi to sausages, all at an affordable price. At Sauce Food Truck Friday, we invite dozens of them for you to enjoy in one setting!

The first season kicked off June 10, 2011 with 16 area food trucks, including the debut of Seoul Taco. By 2013, more than 20,000 people came out to Tower Grove Park to join in the fun, and we’ve been breaking records every year since.


Sauce Food Truck Friday has won Honorable Mention for the prestigious FOLIO: & +min FAME Award for “Best Regional Magazine Event Nationwide” in both 2013 and 2014.


Please keep the park grounds free of litter by using the St. Louis Earth Day waste station tents located throughout the event area. With your help to sort your recyclables from trash, their Recycling On the Go program is able to recycle and compost up to 90% of the waste generated at this event which supports our local economy and ecology. Ask them how!

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Non-Solicitation Policy

Sauce Food Truck Friday is a private event held in a public park. Within the boundaries of the event within Tower Grove Park, any solicitation must be approved by Sauce Magazine. This includes canvassing, soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization or business, requesting contributions, and posting or distributing handbills, pamphlets, petitions, and the like of any kind. For more information, please contact Allyson Mace at